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A young unmarried man of southern heritage usually raised on a farm, a true southern gentleman, a good ol' country boy
I am a born and bred plowboy.
by Ryan Clonce December 03, 2008
Plowboy, n.

(1) A legislative aide in the New Jersey State House.

(2) A Jew of Cuban heritage.

(3) A boy who plows.

(4) A Tetris piece.
"I was slashing through underbrush in the Sierra Madres, when I came across a lowly plowboy analyzing BRT viability."
by Phyllis Gottlieb December 05, 2005
Wanna Be Cocky Ass Redneck From Apopka!! :P
Plowboys Are Players
by dnklhgjnorjfaeowfjnikdignikbrf January 25, 2012