a well rounded and pure-heart-ed individual. She is an excellent mother. She learns from her mistakes, as she also learns from those around her. Hard headed, yet, willing to admit she was wrong. Caring. Good friend. Excellent lover. Strong since of justice. Forgiving. When she loves, it is forever and always! You can step on her toes, DO NOT step on her feet!!! Smart. Pretty. Not over confident. Not a gossip! Loves sports, laughter, and anything that keeps her mind busy. Rachel is often misunderstood. She desires to remain confrontational as it is in her best interest to seek out all truth.
Rachel is my sister! She can be a bitch, but she is right when she is right! ;)
by pseudonym I am June 01, 2010
A smart, social, good-looking girl that loves to have fun. Rachel's are also althetic and love a good challenge. They are better than hannahs. And nikitas. and jesses. and julianas. and MOST DEFINITELY DELANEYS.
"Whoa, man, there goes a Rachel! That's HOT!"
by razmatazzjazz December 05, 2008
A hair style inspired by Jennifer Aniston
I went into the salon and told her I wanted a Rachel.
by saylore July 10, 2008
A beautiful (inside and out) girl with a passion for art. She is especially gifted in acting (especially if she's an Aquarius) and will be a star in all acting-related endeavors, though she does not crave attention and comes off as very humble. She is shy at first until you get to know her suddenly she's the funniest, kindest, most outgoing person. She has a great sense of style and guys always love her and her personality though are afraid to ask her out because she comes off as distant to those she isn't close to. She is usually multi-talented (i.e. acting, singing, writing, photography, etc.). Rachels make great friends and are always the life of the party!
Rachel is such a good person; she'll do anything for anyone.
by bulldogbunch July 02, 2011
Someone who is beautiful, on the inside and the out. Rachels are usually extremely pretty and graceful, and can dance like no one's buisness. They are smart, popular, and outgoing. They can be very serious, but are still very funny and sometimes spazzy. They are very good listeners. People love being around Rachels because they can make you feel like the most important person in the world.
Wow, that girl is so beautiful...... I've never seen anyone dance like that before.
Oh, ya, that's just Rachel being amazing again.
by all_ur_besties May 26, 2010
The effect of being totally awesome,smart,and talented
She's such a Rachel.

Thats soooo Rachel-riffic.

Dude,you aint no Rachel! (This one is a burn.)
by I'm such a Rachel. April 26, 2010
a beautiful, kind, friendly, caring and compasionate girl. shes always there for her friends and would do anything for them. can be sometimes shy in class but very outgoing and silly with her friends. is extremely hilarious and clever and quick witted, can be sometimes sarcastic but never in a mean way. she is usually thin and has a great body with the most incredible smile and gorgeous brown eyes. usually loves movies and soccer and music.
i love rachel, shes my baby
by blackporsche April 27, 2011
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