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Usually has a nice ass. Also can be extremley sarcastic, but most of the time her beauty fills the space of awkwardness. Has a thing for Field Hockey and Volleyball, and is just about the best type of friend out there. She's my lucky lady, and i love her to bits.
Jake- "omg who is THAT girl? :D"

Logan- "that's deff a Rachel! :)"
by Laxbros4lifee July 24, 2011
A beautiful, talented girl who cant realize how awesome she truly is.
bobby: see that pretty shy girl with her head down?

jim: yeah, she must be a rachel
by annabelle_lee January 22, 2013
A bombshell of a lass. Super tall, blonde, nice tan, sparkling blue eyes. Demon in bed. She is crazy and outgoing and everyone loves a Rachel. EVERYONE, And if you don't, there is obviously something wrong with you. Even if she is a total wack-job, you have the right to love her because of her name. She is intelligent although she doesn't always show it, she's arty and caring and is relied on a lot by everyone because it's obvious she'll sort out your problems, she's a RACHEL. Sometimes crazy and if she knows you don't like her she wont give a shit. She'll just hate you even more. On Rachel's good side she is awesome but get on the wrong side and you better watch out bitch. Rachel's coming. This applies to practically all Rachels in the world.
David: 'Oh, man you see that fit-ass babe over there?'
Mike: 'Damn, clearly a Rachel.'

Sabrina: 'You know that crazy, bitch Rachel? She's so annoying.'
Emma: 'Yo, Sabz - that is one awesome annoying bitch.'
by 3mi1t December 28, 2012
The sexiest girl you'll ever meet, and is amazing in bed!
I had fantastic sex with Rachel last night!
by basketballlover.x3 July 06, 2011
Rachel is an incredibly smart girl. She is stunning with beautiful eyes and flawless skin. She is strong both emotionally and physically. She is a true friend and is very supportive and very huggable. She is more than funny, she is witty and you'll find yourself smiling around her, despite her sarcasm. She is stubborn and does not change her mind easily. She is mature and is great with kids. She does not enjoy sports.
She is such a Rachel
by smartiescolour August 01, 2013
Rachel is pretty much a best friend. She can be a little crazy at times, and when she is, it will scare you sometimes. But she's very funny, nice (at times.), and she will pretty much die for you. She's the best person to be with. At times, you can just get so pissed at her for complaining about herself, when she needs to realize she's the most perfect person anyone's ever seen.
Rachel, stop complaining! Don't you see that you are very pretty, smart, and nice? Even though you're short an people make fun of you for it, it's all a joke. People respect you and look to you for advice. You're my best friend.
by Derpette99 (Shelby, Her BFF.😺) November 19, 2012
a smart, pretty, blonde who is an amazing friend. she listens to whatever you have to say and is always there for you. she's usually sporty, strong, and short. she blushes at anything and is bad at expressing herself. she loves nature. an overall wonderful person!
i wish Rachel was here right now, i need a friend!
by babyblythe January 05, 2011