Rabbits---The number one choice of bears to use to wipe their ass after taking a shit.
Hey Smokey, I need to take a shit, have you seen any rabbits?
by vernon dutton January 22, 2004
one of the horniest mammals on earth similarly named to the term for a holy jewish priest (rabbi, but NOT!)of which happens to efficiently be extremely fertile, which will of course leave them breeding and eventually take over the planet....
common phrase: stop fucking like rabbits... our neighbours breed like rabbits, i swear i see oversized rabbit holes... wallace and gromit and the case of the were-rabbit!... planet of the rabbits.. *dum dum DUM!!*...
by queen of the rabbis August 29, 2006
The US brand name for the VW Golf Mk1. A popular small family car designed in Germany. The Mark One, built in New Stanton, PA, was the first European car to be manufactured in the United States. They were used as taxi cabs in Lexington, KY.
"Your neighbor does you a huge favor
And he sells you that Rabbit
That's been sittin' in his yard.
You fix it up, you trick it out,
You give it rims, you give it bump,
You give it all your time.
Cause that's all you can think about."
A Life in the Day of Benjamin Andre (incomplete) by Andre 3000
by Toasterrupe May 18, 2008
A Small Furry Mammal. It's the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on! The rabbit's got a vicious streak a mile wide! It's a killer! The Rabbit has got huge, sharp-- eh-- he can leap about--

King Arthur threw the Holy Hand Grenade Towards the Rabbit.
by Schythan May 01, 2008
vibrator, usually penis-shaped, but with at least one attachment to stimulate the clitoris. The attachment is usually shaped like rabbit ears, thus the name.

Variants include ones with a monkey or a dolphin's nose as the clitoral stimulator, and still others have a second attachment for anal stimulation.
"My rabbit is my favourite vibe"
by ASB August 15, 2005
British slang for the inability to shut up and not speak a word for more than a second.
Guy 1: How did your date go last night with that chick you met?
Guy 2: She was OK, but I couldn't get a word in edgeways. All she did was rabbit, rabbit, rabbit.
by wills316 January 05, 2011
someone who has the sex drive of a rabbit, always ready to go. could also be as cute as a rabbit.
girl #1: he wants it all the time.

girl #2: like a rabbit.
by rabbit_hearter May 13, 2010
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