Also known as "133+ d00d5" (elite/ leet dudes) or -Ax0r5 (hackers). r0x0rs are people dedicated to computer or video games. Many are very good at them, some at the cost of social skills and/or a life. Many r0x0rs can communicate in "133+ 5P34k" (elite/ leet speak).
"d00d! i am tha 0Wn! u g0+ p4wN3D!"
"u r r0x0r, d00d!"

"Wow! I am great! I beat you!"
"You are 'r0x0r,' friend."
by Sextus January 08, 2004
4 f33bl3 4773mP7 700 50un|) c00|_ 70 n3W|3's.
I 0wn3|) 7h47 d00d 1n 4n Unreal d347hm47CH, 1t R0X0R3D!.
I r0x0rZ!
by The Paroxyzm January 08, 2004
12 year old AOL user way of saying 'rocks' as in, 'that rocks'
"OH-MEG!!!11onewonshift+1 that r0x0rs!"
Translation: Oh my god! That rocks!
by Topher January 08, 2004
When something rocks. Esp. subject being boxers.
omg d0od, that chick r0x0rs my b0x0rs!
by Ryan January 09, 2004
l337 speak for pwning (owning) someone in commonly played nerd games such as counter-strike and well... counter-strike...
I r0x0rs jo0 b0x0rs nub.

I r l337 s4uc3 u r nublette s4auc3 because I r0x0rs jo0!

I r0x0rs jo0 mommy and daddy n00b... in tha PANTS!
by deniz January 09, 2004
Rocks. See qoolz.
I is r0x0r, you is sUx0r.
by CelticWonder November 23, 2002
To rock; the act of rocking; the art of the rock; I rock.
I is r0x0rz, yuo is suX0rz.
by CelticWonder November 23, 2002

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