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3 definitions by Sextus

Adjective. The coolest possible.
How are you?

Superdelic!! Yea!!
by Sextus January 08, 2004
Also known as "133+ d00d5" (elite/ leet dudes) or -Ax0r5 (hackers). r0x0rs are people dedicated to computer or video games. Many are very good at them, some at the cost of social skills and/or a life. Many r0x0rs can communicate in "133+ 5P34k" (elite/ leet speak).
"d00d! i am tha 0Wn! u g0+ p4wN3D!"
"u r r0x0r, d00d!"

"Wow! I am great! I beat you!"
"You are 'r0x0r,' friend."
by Sextus January 08, 2004
Noun. Virtually ANYTHING.
Hey, hand me the duder.

Where's the duder?

JFK's involvement in the Bay of Pigs eventually caused the ultimate destruction of the duder.
by Sextus January 08, 2004