The abbreviated version of the word "rape"
"I don't want someone to r me in that dark parking lot at night!"

"Dude I just got r-ed by that chem final."
by FZ June 26, 2006
How a native Japanese man or woman would pronounce 'L'
The people rub me so much they give me erection!
by the truth that kills September 14, 2008
the way a chinaman says L
person:why do you say the R, you use the letter l to say hello
by el senor April 14, 2007
short for refer, pot, and marajuana
Hey, I just scored some nice green R.
by Pete February 04, 2005
Short for 'reject' or loner
i wish jake wudnt hang around with us, he is such an r!
by Liam December 17, 2003

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