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3 definitions by IceIceBaby

Child Porn is pornography containing anyone under the legal age (which varies from country to country). It seems to be very popular online, and is starting to become more open - considering it was an underground problem for along time. The self-made King of Child Porn is R@yGold and this pseudonymned phenom shows no sign of slowing down.
Man 1: You ever watch Child Porn?
Man 2: Hell yeah, it's super easy to get nowadays!
by IceIceBaby July 25, 2004
917 630
This imfamous King of Child Porn has been distributing, collecting, renaming, and throwing these files all over newsgroups - p2p filesharing programs - and IRC chatrooms.
Dayum! Have you seen those crazy 'BabyJ' files from R@yGold on Kazaa Lite yet?
by IceIceBaby July 25, 2004
518 288
This is a popular, underage, girl who's victimized countless times by R@yGold using popular p2p filesharing programs and newsgroups to spread Child Porn.
Man 1: What's yur fav R@yGold?
Man 2: Ohh I love that sweet lil BabyJ!
by IceIceBaby July 25, 2004
299 125