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The small pieces of weed that one finds possibly down the back of the couch, or scattered around the carpet at a pertinant rolling spot that keep an avid potsmoker going until the next avaliable oppertunity to score some serious buda.
angelo - "oh my frickin god man theres nee weed left in the tin, what the f*ck"???

hannelore - dont worry mate ill ratch the quonk from around the table that will keep us goin until lance gets home with the henry.

angelo - fricken awesome.
Noun: pot, reefer, buds, marijuana (see: kwonk)
Verb form: quonked- stoned, high.
that weed you had had me totally quonked.
by boxo January 19, 2005
The noise a swan makes
Swan - "Quonk"
by Mark December 30, 2003
slang word for gays or shirtlifters
"Martin is such a Quonk i cant beleive how gay he looks in that see through t-shirt"
by salmon man September 05, 2008