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Alternate spelling of quofe (also quoaf or quof).

noun: Penile flatulence (air or gas escaping from the penis through the urethra), a.k.a. a dick fart.

verb: To emit penile flatulence.

ETYMOLOGY: "Quofe" is the male form of queef.

NOTE: Quofes are a rare phenomenon compared to queefs because it is much harder for air to become stuck in a man's urethra than in a woman's comparatively larger vagina. Quofes occur most frequently after a catheter has been inserted into the penis and removed, leaving air trapped in the bladder or urethra.
After Reginald's catheter was removed, he tried to take a piss, but ended up letting a quoff at the same time, thereby splattering urine everywhere.
#fart #queef #queif #quief #queaf #vart #flatulence #dick #penis #cock #quofe #quof
by fauxbourdon December 05, 2005
Another way of saying "panties are in a bunch"
He won't let you have a party? What's his quoff?
#panties #bunch #uptight #panties in a bunch #prude
by girl_with_brain July 01, 2010
To drink, particularly an alcoholic beverage
Fancy going t'pub and quoffing some ale?
by elbazimo April 24, 2005
The word one uses in place of a swear word. This word is also used to confuse people.
Shut the quoff up!
I have to take a quoff.
You're such a quoff!
#quaff #cwuff #qwuff #cwoff #qwaff
by Messi July 13, 2012
Hair, although short but somehow really big.
wow, that guy has a really nice quoff
by Ali April 24, 2003
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