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An alternative spelling for "cunt", great for those times of chatroom moderation.
You fat Qunt!
by rc55 March 08, 2004
When your bitchy girlfriends with 3 other bitchy friends, form a qunt.
A) Your mom and three bitches = a qunt.

B) A quad of cunts.
by Callista Skywalker September 03, 2015
Noun/Adjective: Description of haggard female. Said female exceeds criteria of a regular cunt...therefore QUNT instead of Cunt.
She is a major Qunt (with a Q).
by jibjibmalarky May 06, 2011
The male version of a cunt.
Person 1(male): "I hate babies and happiness."
Person 2: "Stop being such a qunt."
by cuntthinkofaname August 20, 2011
read - {kwunt}

Someone who asks a long winded question in the dying minutes of a lecture or class. They are trying to seem engaged but, in doing so, hold everyone else up for an extra ten minutes while the lecturer rambles on.

It originates from 'question asking cunt' - qunt
I'm going to be late for my next class because of that fucking qunt.
by Dingoinabatcave September 09, 2009
(n.)- One who uses clearly bullshit spellings and/or entirely made-up words in the game of BananaGrams, then attempts to pass them off as legitimate.
Don't be a qunt, take that shit down.
by Cap'n Kangaroo, bitches May 25, 2010
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