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To fail a class, then repeat the same class over again, only to get the same failing grade you got before.
"Dude, if keep skipping class, you'll end up quirking it!"
by footballrocks37 May 23, 2013
To imbelish, fabricate, or exaggerate a story merely to impress your friends.
Jamie: " Hey bro, i went to some random apartment building where a Chinese lady gave me a shower and some ass play."

Jon: "For real kid? you must be Quirking!"
by urbaneboy December 15, 2010
being full of shit on a story, often times to make one look cool
panda: "so the waitress was also a part time stripper, she was buying me drinkins all night, closed the place down early and asked me to stay. then she put some porn on the tv and one thing led to another..."

walsh: "man, stop quirking to me, youre so full of shit"
by crazy carl t December 17, 2010
Stop making this into a big deal. or stop stressing.
bob stubs his toe, because i pushed him by mistake.

Bob, "dude u f@#!ing hurt my toe u a55 i hope u fall off a cliff." me, "dude im sorry, it was just a mistake, u can stop quirking on this now."
by ogwuazor May 29, 2008
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