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A cheap staple food sold to gullible white middle-class people for many times its actual value.
Gullible white middle-class person: Oh, we only eat quinoa these days. It's more ethical than other crops; you can tell because it costs more, so it must be supporting the farmers who grow it.
by Flakey March 06, 2014
A grain. Cook it like you would rice.
I had quinoa and roast vegetables for dinner.
by darius March 27, 2005
a way to describe something that is very green, Eco-friendly, hippie mentality, ultra healthy living, way too relaxed.
That school is so quinoa, that don't have grades and all they do is sit on bean-bags all day playing on their iPhones.
Jenny is so quinoa; all she eats is blended vegetables, seeds and only drinks hint water.
by Rob Oto December 01, 2013
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