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A cheap staple food sold to gullible white middle-class people for many times its actual value.
Gullible white middle-class person: Oh, we only eat quinoa these days. It's more ethical than other crops; you can tell because it costs more, so it must be supporting the farmers who grow it.
by Flakey March 06, 2014
A marital art.
My tongue fu is strong!
by Flakey June 21, 2012
To insert one's penis into another man's anus.
That's it. I've had enough of dating crazy women. From now on I'm going to bowl from the pavilion end.
by Flakey June 20, 2007
Very cold weather, so named from the nasty nip in the air.
Fellow 1: Brrrr. It's bitterly cold out there, old bean.
Fellow 2: I couldn't agree more. It's definitely kamikaze weather. Wouldn't want to go out in it, that's for sure.
by Flakey December 28, 2008
Recycling the same old trash.

From the management fad for "blue-sky thinking", and the blue bins used for recycling household detritus.
Manager: We've got to get our ducks in a row on this new client project.
Worker: Let's do some blue-bin thinking, and really get the ideas flowing.
Manager: Don't you mean blue-sky thinking?
Worker: No, we should just re-use the same old crap we've always used.
by Flakey April 12, 2010
Waking up each morning, wondering if today's the day that the Big One will hit. Played by every resident of and visitor to California, whether they wish to or not.
Dude 1: Why don't you move to somewhere where your entire city won't be levelled by an earthquake?
Dude 2: Nah, I don't really feel alive unless I'm playing Californian Roulette.
by Flakey December 05, 2012
Those who possess no ability for critical analysis and independent thought, who don't think to question what they are fed by the media. They take whatever impression they're given and stay that way.
Look at all those plasticine people, who think that Fox News actually broadcasts impartial news.
by Flakey June 25, 2007

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