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Web lingo. Contraction of 'quicklinks,' those commonly used links that give quick access on a website.
He found the 'contact' info in the list of quinks on the home page.
by Sami D111 June 14, 2010
22 5
Refers to a quick drink during a happy hour (5 a 7) or in fact any other time you want to chelax and have a few beers or double rums.
Hey Guys, wanna go for quinks aftork tomorrow with us?" === "Hey Guys, wanna go for quick drinks after work 2mrw with us?"
by Joly March 25, 2008
40 26
When a man ejaculates into a person's eye.
I had a great date last night. It ended with me giving her a quink.
by Snoik September 17, 2005
15 11
A homosexual Chinaman.
I walked through Chinatown and got hit on by 3 flaming quinks.
by Ralphy September 18, 2005
15 18
the area of pointless skin between your nob or vag and your rusty sherrif's badge
"Aaah, fuckin' ell, I went down on 'er and 'er quink was dripping with sweat and shit. It were goppin'"
by Rude Dog November 10, 2006
9 13
A very incompetent kinky homosexual attorney.
Wears the same dirty smelly wrinkled suit to every court appearance. Has lispy stuttering problem. Hiring that quink for my divorce was the worst mistake in my life.
by fredo1212 March 23, 2006
6 12
A queer Chinaman. An asian brownie.
My waiter at Wah Fongs was a total Quink!
by Shimmy Sham September 23, 2005
8 14