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(n) variant of quim. Affectionate name for the female pudenda.
Your quimble makes me tremble with excitement!
by Ribs Wingart October 18, 2003
Any rock formation that looks like any body part.
Hey, look at that quimble over there! It looks like an ear!
by LolCrackers April 06, 2010
1.N. The moaning sounds that come from a woman's mouth when a rubbing motion is applied to her genitalia.
2.V. To stimulate, through rubbing motions, a woman's quim (fun bits) so as to produce a variety of moaning sounds.
1,Judging by that sound, somebody is having a pretty good quimble! Did you ever hear such a quimble?!
2.'Baby, I'm going to give you such a quimbling that you ain't gonna be able to see straight!'
by Skidoobie 23 May 08, 2013
The action of the spinchter muscle as it strives to hold back an imminent shat.

Also, quimbling.
I should not have had that second enchilada. I had a 2 hour quimble attack during the meeting.
by Mark & Jeff & Robo June 23, 2006
A man that is born with no choice but to be a pussy. Usually a defect at birth from the "itis."
Wow! Chris is such a pussy, he must be a Quimble!
by Dolomatrix January 17, 2016
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