1) lacking credibility. 2) Not credible
This entry is quike.
This example will make it a bit less quike.
by Limestone September 07, 2005
Top Definition
awesomebeastradicalcoolA word to use when you think something is cool.
1. awesome

2. popular; like in a social hierarchy

3. used when a conversation goes silent

4. nice

5. wicked (new england stlye, NOT evil= wicked)

6. good or great
that jacket looks quike!
those are some quike shoes
by jerrythabomb January 03, 2011
Term coined by an officer of a local bike (Harley) club.
Means a motorcycle with the addition of a Voyager Kit... which is basically "training wheels" for a motorcycle.
"A two wheeled vehicle is a 'bike', a three wheeled vehicle is a 'trike'... so a 'bike' with the addition of two extra wheels would be called a 'Quike' right?"
by pegva May 19, 2007
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