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2 definitions by jerrythabomb

awesomebeastradicalcoolA word to use when you think something is cool.
1. awesome

2. popular; like in a social hierarchy

3. used when a conversation goes silent

4. nice

5. wicked (new england stlye, NOT evil= wicked)

6. good or great
that jacket looks quike!
those are some quike shoes
by jerrythabomb January 03, 2011
Happens When you get so high that you become immobilized and have a hard time getting up or talking at all.
Ross smoked so much that he showed all the symptoms of the potato syndrome, he was unable to move and his words were barely audible.

Everyone could tell that Luke had been smoking some of the good stuff, he was so high he became unable to function properly.

Ryan saw how Luke was and immediately assumed he had the Potato high syndrome
by jerrythabomb May 13, 2014