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5 definitions by Warrior

1. one word: hottttt
2. coolest girls you will ever meet
3. talented
4. pain, what does that mean?
5. celery celery crunch crunch....we're cool
6. the funnest team to ever be on
7. more than cool to watch---it's full of serious, driven girls
Dude, those WHS gymnasts are awesome.
by warrior April 20, 2005
49 24
2. Logon Server
Hey is BNLS down again?
by Warrior December 04, 2004
38 13
See: Jew


iago: Hey have you seen Quik lately?
Warrior: Hes most likely eating Jew Chips


Goddamit your such a Quik
by Warrior December 04, 2004
12 9
The leet sexy h4x0r that hearts Warrior
God Sidoh you are such a leet h4x0r I wish I could be more like you.
by Warrior December 04, 2004
6 7
fuck gangstas....pussies....cant get down one on one so they get their whole pussy crew to jump u. fuck 50 cent an all these other clowns. fuck the red and fuck the blue. U wanna b a man.....make a move solo bitch. U'll get fucked in ur ass mother fauker.
Padilla brothers U'll get fucked in ur ass mother fauker.
by warrior September 30, 2004
19 29