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When playing Scrabble, you end up with a "Q", a "U" but no vowels, you have a QUG.
"Great... I just picked a Q and now I have a QUG. I'm never gonna win this game now..."
by Chirag June 28, 2005
1. a type of word that can mean what your trying to describe when you cant find another word to use to describe something 2. it can mean anything and everything 3. the answer to any question 4. you can use it for Madlibs 5. it is every part of speech
Frank: hey man look at my hand

Joe: dude it looks pretty quggy
by jak kellie June 28, 2011
1.A person who is annoying.
3.Ryan logan
4.The sperm that leaks out of a women's pussy.
"Jesus troy stop being such a qug."
"Yesterday susie was at an orgy and qugged."
by Divad Stayer April 20, 2005
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