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both queer and weird
Dude you look so queird today!
by hotsexbaby May 27, 2004
23 7
a word used to describe something weird or strange

a non-offensive way to say "queer"
"dude your shirt is so queird!"

"This is queird!"

"That dude was queird!"
by jesno May 22, 2009
11 3
1. To be queird, is when you are gay weird and awkward.

2. When somebody thinks you are gay, and you look clearly gay in front of them, when youre really not.

3. When you are being clearly being gay, and you are, but somebody doesn't think you are.
Chuck: Hey, bob dosent think 2chainz is gay.

Gorge: if he ever meets 2chainz, that must be a queird.
by Jriot December 28, 2012
9 4
A bi-product word of "queer" and "weird". Strange and homosexual.
When Chandler dreamt of Josh, it was really queird..
by Steven Lynn February 07, 2008
8 3
pretty much the same meaning as 'weird' or 'queer' really, but so much cooler sounding.
Dude: "Duuude that's like, so queird "

Duuude: "Totally Dude....."
by Oh, you're talking about me... January 19, 2009
2 0
Is described as that really weird and strange gay guy that is much different then normal homosexuals,One who stands out.
Me and Mark was in a bar last night and one of the male waiters was very queird. He was dancing by his self and checkin his hair and makeup.
by bustinurcummer February 19, 2009
2 1
A combination of "Queer" and "Weird."

Queer + Weird = Queird
That Jon guy is fucking queird.
by Peaches04 February 10, 2006
5 4