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When something is weird in a homosexual way.
Phil, those jean shorts are extremely queird.
by Jeffrey Cummings April 21, 2008
a queer weird; a combination of both a queer and a weird.
That dude that showed up to the party as a drag queen was queird.
by trimmy August 22, 2007
a person who puts butter on their bagel;
instead of on their bread, weird...
which queird put the butter on my bagel!?
by Dana T January 17, 2007
When someone is acting oddly homosexually
"Last night Rick was so drunk he said he loved me, it was so queird!"
by Sea Dog November 01, 2006
to be quiet and weird
Work was very queird today.
by Jill September 19, 2004
A word to use instead of the ever so lame and overused word, awkward.
Me: (spontaneously) Dude, Mathias's ass is so freakin' hairy...
You: (thinking to say awkward, but remembers UrbanDictionary.com) Queird...
by Tyler Sadex May 15, 2004