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During sex, a small pocket of air gets pushed into the vagina. As the air leaves the vagina, it causes a noise to sound like a fart.
by ZeNKo June 26, 2003
Pussy fart.
"Pffft... Heheh, sorry!"
by Mal Raker November 24, 2003
A relese of air out a woman's vagina
Everyone laughed at lauren because she QUEIFED
by Da Monster April 23, 2009
when a woman farts througa her pussy.
Shut up quief
by Stephen Hersh June 02, 2003
latin - vagina wintus
When Suzy would queif she could really make her snatch talk.
by putnyrfaceinit December 01, 2005
queif: If you quief you pup out of your pussy
yesterday my friend quiefed and started laughing
by nikiyosi May 10, 2005

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