Someone who acts retarded or bent. Comes from the same family as shegg,sweg and shweg
Jay Leno is such a queg.
by TheThirdMan February 15, 2004
Top Definition
Liverpudlian slang for a homosexual
You wouldn't catch me at Garlands, mate, that's where the quegs go.
by Duncan April 04, 2004
Someone who shops at Waitrose, eats pot noodles with a spoon and frosties with a fork, they may also ask pathetic questions like 'can I smoke alcohol'. A queg can usually be found in west derby Liverpool wearing three quarters and snapbacks.

Usually ginger but not always.
Jaek: Look at that bad queg going sick to dupstep on the bus

Adny: Yeah, he doesn't even inhale biff

Duke: Ite, wat? im not a queg, ill one bomb you
by mndrwacglinchey January 21, 2013
Slang for douche bag homo, a bit of a let down. Generally someone who is a pain in the ass.
Me "Darren Buckingham, are you staying for drinks tonight after work".

Darren "No, I'm off booze at the moment so I'm going home to cuddle up to my bean bag and watch Friends."

Me "You massive Queg".
by CornDog January 30, 2014
not very good, extremely dire
the weather today is quegs
by KEITH STEWART TAIT April 10, 2004
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