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This word has no definition, it can mean anything you like.
Thats so chab! (Thats really great!)

What a fucking chab. (That person annoys me)
by TheThirdMan April 18, 2004
A car tarted up by the lesser intelligent of the species in order to mask its actual shitness to the outside world.

Usually comprises of blue or green neon lights, and a cunt kit.

Loud (shit) music, blue floor lights, that can mean only one thing kids! Wankermobile!!!
by TheThirdMan April 28, 2004
Any car which has the extraordinary ability to draw the laydies from far and wide...
My 69' Mustang is one biatch of a Shag Chariot...
by TheThirdMan April 20, 2004
Derivitive of, Love Wagon, which usually refers to a VW Camper.

Also, Passion Wagon, Love Bug and Shag Chariot.
Hey, let's take the Shaggin' Waggin' on the open road and look for some poon-tang.
by TheThirdMan April 20, 2004
Someone who acts retarded or bent. Comes from the same family as shegg,sweg and shweg
Jay Leno is such a queg.
by TheThirdMan February 15, 2004
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