when air is rleased from the pussy making a farting noise
daneli gyrich queffed in the elvator shaft, her aim is gurldani22
by flem radja September 02, 2006
Top Definition
when air goes in and out of the pussy when having sex,making a fart noise
We were doing doggy when she queffed.
by jim May 09, 2004
when a women farts out of her pussy.
we were 69ing and she queffed right in my mouth
by Ryley February 22, 2005
A bare ass fart on wood
Joey laughed to himself when he queffed on his grandfathers work bench.
by shwave dave May 04, 2010
when a girl is having sex and farts out of her cunt
i was having sex last nihgt and she queffed all over me
by Brandon February 21, 2005
when a girl lays on my bed and farts with her pussy
she queffed on my bed it was so sexy
by psychopathic...pat January 27, 2010
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