a queer doushe bucket who is a salad tosses on old people.
daniel is a queesh who likes old men.
by Jonny test April 24, 2006
Top Definition
A Fanny Fart. Vagina Pump. Minge Botty Burp.
"Sorry, I Queeshed"
by Joe Leslie September 13, 2005
(kweesh) verb. Similar to a queef, a queesh is when air built up inside a particularly well stimulated vagina is expelled. A wet queef.
noun. A person or thing that is particulary slippery or untrustworthy.
Verb. My girlfriend totally queeshed last night because she used too much lube.
Noun. That guy ran for congress once; he is a total queesh.
by Webster's Queesh April 16, 2009
1. a dumfuck, dipshit, asshole, or in general, any type of stupid person.
2. gay, fag, etc.
3. A combination of the two words queer and douche.
Man, Mrs. galinkin is such a fucking queesh!
by gmob007 June 01, 2006
A sexual mishap that creates a moment of unexpected, light humor.
-The condom popped off and landed across the room on the cat's head. What a Queesh.

-When Harvey accidentally ejaculated in Ethel's eye, it was a Queesh to remember.
by Peach on Peach April 05, 2014
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