A term used as insult towards someone else even if they are not gay or homosexual. Sometimes the term does imply that you are calling the other person a fag or queer when the other person says something kinda gay even if its not intentional.
Cool guy: Hey, what's up? Anything new?
Stupid guy: I'm in love man!
Cool guy: Damn... you're a fuckin' queerbag!
by MaXxX June 17, 2006
Top Definition
to be a total and complete faggot, gay, always talks about gay things
Noah you queerbag will u shut up with ur gay love stories!!!
by Adam February 01, 2005
A extreme member of the gay/homosexual community, or anyone who acts in a gay manner.
"Like oh my God! What a cute sweater!"

"Shut up you useless queerbag!"
by jcat47 November 14, 2007
A bag of homosexuals, usually used to beat naughty children with.
I'll beat your ass inside out with my queer bag.
by BlackMyHeart December 10, 2005
a person who everyone thinks is teh gayest thing alive
that guy with the predator haircut is such a queerbag
by james howlett March 23, 2004
A person who embodies all that is queer. A true butt pirate, too gay for their own good.
You know you're a big ole' queerbag if any of the following apply to you:

1. You work at Abercrombie & Fitch.
2. You watch the O.C. and/or Laguna Beach.
3. You listen to techno music.
4. You use the word bro excessively.
5. Your favorite band is Fall Out Boy.
6. You are not one of the faggot ass Gotti boys, yet you choose to have a blowout and diamond earings.
by MamaKillinGuitar March 06, 2007
bottom feeders who spread aids by way of getting their partners high on crystal meth then havin gay gay gay sex in the butt
Joe:Look at R.J (aka queer bag) BONEIN THA SHIT OUTTA THAT KID
Me: Yea what a queer bag
Joe: Yea
by THA U October 10, 2006
A club that is made up of a brown polyester sack that holds a maximum of 6 queers. They're usually frolicking in and out.
Christian: Hey man, whaddya wanna do tonight?
Bruce: Eh, I'm thinkin about goin to the queerbag.
Christian: Let's get our frolick on!
by Grubby the Bear June 07, 2010
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