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Queer pressure is the act of doing something because nobody else is doing it. Primarily affects "rebels" such as Goths and punks.
PERSON1: Have you seen what Person A is wearing?! Its so ugly!
PERSON2: Person A is so affected by queer pressure
by mysharona June 27, 2006
When one or more homosexual males (eg. TV's "Queer Eye") attempt to force meterosexuality on a heterosexual man using an intense tactical arsenal of embarrassment and shame.
Meterosexual guy: Hey man, let's go to that unisex boutique for some good old fashioned queer pressure.
Heterosexual guy: No way. Those guys always make me feel bad for having nose hair.
by userbits March 28, 2010
1. The act of a homosexual trying to get you to be just like him

2. The act of a homosezual trying to force you to engage in unusual sex.
Bob: Hi Fred. Wanna have some fun?

Fred: AHHHHHHH! Queer pressure! My dad already made me do it. Not again!
by Andrew Won May 23, 2007
Queer pressure generally applies to girls. It relates to the pressure to do lesbian acts with your girlfriends to impress sexually deviant boys.
Sexually Deviant Boy: You and Tabitha are such great friends.
Nancy: Ya.
Tabitha: Ya.
Sexually Deviant Boy: You should hold hands.
Nancy: Okay.
Tabitha: Sure.
Sexually Deviant Boy: Now straddle Tabitha.
Tabitha: I guess.
Nancy: *jumps on*
Sexually deviant Boy: Now Tabitha take your top off and Nancy kiss her tits a little.
Nancy: I don't know.
Tabitha: We don't...
Sexually deviant Boy: Fine I guess you two aren't as sexy as I thought.
Laine: *reading national geographics in the corner* Lay off the queer pressure.
by p@$$ing thr.ugh March 12, 2010
The term used satirically to show social pressure amongst queers to eachother. Queer pressure isn't directed towareds heterosexual cis-gendered people but rather limited to the queer community.
Person One: "Want to go the concert?"
Person Two: "I don't know...maybe...I mean..."
Person One: "Oh come on! You know you want to! Give into the queer pressure!"
by Moira Gillis February 27, 2008
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