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The term used satirically to show social pressure amongst queers to eachother. Queer pressure isn't directed towareds heterosexual cis-gendered people but rather limited to the queer community.
Person One: "Want to go the concert?"
Person Two: "I don't know...maybe...I mean..."
Person One: "Oh come on! You know you want to! Give into the queer pressure!"
by Moira Gillis February 27, 2008
3 3
Queer pressure is the act of doing something because nobody else is doing it. Primarily affects "rebels" such as Goths and punks.
PERSON1: Have you seen what Person A is wearing?! Its so ugly!
PERSON2: Person A is so affected by queer pressure
by mysharona June 27, 2006
25 12
When one or more homosexual males (eg. TV's "Queer Eye") attempt to force meterosexuality on a heterosexual man using an intense tactical arsenal of embarrassment and shame.
Meterosexual guy: Hey man, let's go to that unisex boutique for some good old fashioned queer pressure.
Heterosexual guy: No way. Those guys always make me feel bad for having nose hair.
by userbits March 28, 2010
9 2
1. The act of a homosexual trying to get you to be just like him

2. The act of a homosezual trying to force you to engage in unusual sex.
Bob: Hi Fred. Wanna have some fun?

Fred: AHHHHHHH! Queer pressure! My dad already made me do it. Not again!
by Andrew Won May 23, 2007
15 9
Queer pressure generally applies to girls. It relates to the pressure to do lesbian acts with your girlfriends to impress sexually deviant boys.
Sexually Deviant Boy: You and Tabitha are such great friends.
Nancy: Ya.
Tabitha: Ya.
Sexually Deviant Boy: You should hold hands.
Nancy: Okay.
Tabitha: Sure.
Sexually Deviant Boy: Now straddle Tabitha.
Tabitha: I guess.
Nancy: *jumps on*
Sexually deviant Boy: Now Tabitha take your top off and Nancy kiss her tits a little.
Nancy: I don't know.
Tabitha: We don't...
Sexually deviant Boy: Fine I guess you two aren't as sexy as I thought.
Laine: *reading national geographics in the corner* Lay off the queer pressure.
by p@$$ing thr.ugh March 12, 2010
6 3