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someone who likes it in the ass...
Hayley- Shannon, you're such a queer bait.
Shannon- :(
by haylers69 August 09, 2011
44 55
1. Any male who attracts a considerable amount of gay lust wittingly or unwittingly.

2. The new boy on the cell block.

3. An unsuspecting alterboy.
The big sale at Abercrombie & Fitch left him looking like friggin' queer bait.
by BFish December 10, 2002
610 159
1) One who attracts gays.
2) A Faghole
3) Someone who acts retarded and is often called gay by others

Queerbait is only to be used by the wise and privelaged.

only used as a noun.
Bryan ur queerbait.

Kevins a f#cking queerbait man.
by David Norman February 03, 2005
239 135
In high school, generally male freshmen are queerbait.

Also known as a man who attracts gay men or a man who claims to be straight but acts gay.
1. Ruthless Senior- Hey queerbait, pick up my book for me.

2. Person one- Dude, Ryan just said that guy over there was hot!
Person two- Oh my God! I knew it! He's such a queerbait.
by SkyPullera June 02, 2004
114 62
alt. kweerbait.
A guy who naturally attracts gay men, but is not necessarily gay.
That dood with the pink Nikes is such a queerbait.
by rezzix November 14, 2002
69 30
A friend which says a homoerotic/questionable statement durring an extremely striaght activity.
While watching football:
Dan: That guy has really blue eyes.
Ryan: Dude! You're such a queerbait!
by Ryan Ford October 16, 2005
81 46
Someone who attracts gay men
Hey bart stop being a queer bait and take your cardigan off!
by Julez Van November 07, 2012
30 17
One whom is an lure towards homosexual males. Gayest to the 9th Degree
Dice is queer bait to the nth degree.
by Savage8778 February 15, 2008
92 87