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1.) n. The act of getting into a hot tub or jacuzzi. See dip.

2.) n. A dude that plays tennis and soccer. See pimp.

3.) n. A dude that doesn't go to prom becuase his parents won't let him. See idiot.
1.) I'm going to take a simerdip.

2.) He's a real simerdip.

3.) Dude! Don't be a simerdip and not go to prom.
by c.fizz June 09, 2004
what all the chicks say to Jesse Aguilar when he asks them out.
Jesse (over text message): Do you wanna go to Sadies with me?

Kayla: Nah dude, I only like you as a friend.
by c.fizz March 29, 2005
yeah...basically a dude that shops at abercrombie is queer bait
Abercrombie & Fitch is for queeer bait, so go to a better store dude!
by c.fizz June 13, 2004

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