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12 definitions by 666

sexiest woman alive.
by 666 September 13, 2003
The opposite of loose pussy. Preferable by most men as it provides greater stimulation and less smell.
Damn, I was fucking that bitch and my cock turned purple. That was some tight pussy.
by 666 September 07, 2003
A vagina that is used and abused and provides next to no pleasure for the average man.
damn, that was some loose pussy dude. I got a fucking fist in that shit.
by 666 September 07, 2003
a hookers christmas
by 666 July 13, 2003
A spin-off of mountain dew from the cartoon series sealab. Used as slang for mountain dew. See also niggus dew
I think I am going to have me a miiingus deewwww...
by 666 July 28, 2003
Cock, Penis, Etc.
Suck my spermcicle biatch!
by 666 September 07, 2003
A nickname I gave this person who lies, stabs you in the back & makes u feel like crap on purpose. Blizzard should die & then die some more.
Person 1-"I hate Blizzard"
Person 2- "Yeah don't we all?"
Person 1-"Yupp we all certainly do!"
by 666 May 30, 2004