gay or effeminate male, Male person with a bitchy, narcassistic attititude, A man who projects the very worst characteristics of femininity
Ilram looked a little "Queenie" in his performance at the Body Art Ball.
by hawaiitalanet March 04, 2006
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An open-minded person, who loves to meet new people. Queenie's personality is out-going, open-minded, wise, crazy, funny, loyal, caring, and insightful. Queenie will consider about other people's opinion before their own. A Queenie will give you advice and help you through your situations before discussing about their own. Queenie is someone you will love to be around, and will miss when they are not. Queenie is someone that is willing to do the craziest things with you. Queenie will have their weak points also, give them reassurance, give them time to process what was presented. Queenie will have the hardest time to get over a relationship, whether it is a friendship or a relationship with a loved on. Queenie may seem normal from the outside but Queenie will surprise you.
Queenie is a name that brings good into peoples life
by Trenton b. March 12, 2013
a smart talented person who everyone loves to be around!
Perfect Example: Inspiring people named queenie
by josemoe November 24, 2011
A diva bitch fit
That queenie is being such a queenie
by Just Orion June 28, 2016
A girl or boy who is a hardcore fan of the band Queen. These people realise that Queen is the greatest band ever, and also feel an undying love for John Deacon, Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor and Brian May.
Queenie: Cheese on toast and hedgehogs dsfjsdl
Friend: What?
Queenie: ommggg I would so bone Rogerinaaa ommgksdfg
Friend: ..
Queenie: It's a Queenie thing.
by iWouldBoneRogerina July 12, 2012
Word used for all types of gays (homosexual, lesbian, bisexual)
"That little queenie with the earring and the make up, yeah buddy, that's his own hair!"
by MrTumbles69 June 29, 2015
Slang mostly used in Canada for 20 dollar bills because of the Queen of England or Canada is on the back of the banknote.

When a king is head of the British monarchy it's called a King Royal.
Person 1:I got some money for dat
Person 2: Ight, it's one Queenie
by nukendukegg December 23, 2008
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