Not to be confused with actual faggy looking facial hair, a queard is something an obvious homosexual who is too scared to admit their homosexuality uses to disguise such homosexuality. See examples:
Hey you see Francis with those wife and kids of his? that is one pricey queard.

So I see you traded in the Miata and invested in a queard... I mean, uh, Ford Bronco.

C'mon a Lucy Lawless poster in full Xena gear? Pretty thin queard there pal, tits or not we all now what you are imagining is under that lower leather cloth when you sleep at night.

Guy 1 one looking at employee from across country: "Whoa he is married?"
Guy 2 looks over "What?" (turns) "oh shit him?... Queard"
Guy 1 "obviously"
by Nicky Fickerella November 10, 2010
A beard that a man wears that causes his appearance to change in a way in which onlookers will assume he is or is most likely a homosexual. Basically a queer beard.
Person 1: "Is Brad Pitt gay?"
Person 2: "No he's married!"
Person 1: "His beard makes him look gay."
Person 2: "That's impossible beards are badass!"
Person 1: "Look see!"
Person 2: "That's not a beard stupid, that's a queard!"
by MC5 Buttonwillow September 16, 2013

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