Top Definition
A rotten or sour smell.
That boy smells like quarn.
by Kit Katty November 27, 2007
Quarn is an expression used which is short for "quality yarn."

A Quarn is 'called' when a conversation proves to be riveting, interesting, derogatory to someone you dislike, or when you make a good call.

Note: Not to be confused with Quran, the islamic bible.
1: Burger King is the business
2: Quarn
by Quarner November 30, 2010
pronounced qyarn.

The condition of having one's clothing stuck between the buttocks.
That girl has some serious quarn!
by marmed July 27, 2006
Some fucking nasty vegetarian pussy shit.
pussy vegetarian-"hey, you want some quarn?"
Non pussy vegetarian-"no way dude that shit sucks."
by GirlSkater February 22, 2004
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