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a large, wild, untamed amount of hair.
Brian's quaft was exceptionally messy today.
by stacy&lizzy January 09, 2005
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EVERYTHING. Can be used as an insult or a compliment. or simply when you dont know the word u r trying to say:)
INSULT: Ugh your such a quaft!!!!!
COMPLIMENT : Damn girl you be lookin quaft today!
RANDOM: It was in its own little quaft:)
by KatieIsQuaft March 29, 2011
a variation of the classic pompador, often more messy, and sweaty.
Adam's quaft at half was incredible, soon after many other team members tried to copy the hair style, but it was impossible.
by spackadam August 04, 2006
The 3rd person past tense of the word queef.
Joey quaft when he heard about the monroe transfer.
by Bobby Lamont September 08, 2009
When a girl shits so hard it causes her to also queef.
Dude, did you just hear that girl quaft in the bathroom. It sounded like a duck but smelled like your ass.
by JDMdrum91 January 25, 2011
To beat someone over the head with a baseball bat, lightly. It is taken from the word coif which is a head covering worn by people such as nuns whom are sometimes know to beat the crap out of small children while

saying it is only a "light" punishment.
I'm going to quaft my babies daddy!
by KittyCatCool February 22, 2011
When a person becomes so lazy that they will not release air from their flatulence. Eventually the quaft will work its way out of the butt cheeks producing a unique sound at a slightly high pitch than an average fart and for a longer duration of time.
Leave the room. Uncle Rob just quafted.
by Schmittay January 03, 2009

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