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A white or light-skinned duck.

All the geese call the ducks quackers.
Geese: Those mothafuckin quackers are so gay.

Ducks: Yo shut the fuck up niggas.
by LICKMYDIRTYARROW November 23, 2012
Specially assigned Duck crackers found in remote places in Africa
Winston Churchill : How is your Duck today?

Cheif !zaboule : I don't know last time I say him he was eating some Quackers
by Nuggets From Hell July 13, 2009
Someone who's lieing, fake, corny, or lame as hell. See Quackin for the Verb.
Shut the hell up Quacker, we're tired of ur lies.
by gangstuhnomicss March 31, 2009
Way better than, of more importance.
"Dude that guy kicks ass! Yeah he's a quackers!"
by gyouall2676aio2 March 08, 2008
Slang for transvestite. They try to hold a high girly voice, but when you're really laying some cock into them, they can't hold the falsetto and start quacking.
That is one hot quacker...
by meeplemeeple December 16, 2010
A kid that lives in port huron and plays xbox live and drives a prix on 20's and thinks he is boss
That kid works at Kmart he definitely is a quacker.
by beanz810 April 29, 2010
A word meaning, "cheese fan".
Oh my god, my neighbor has gone quackers!
by Rikki January 06, 2004