the sound of a laser gun made by the mouth.
i was all like, 'pyew! pyew! pyew!'
by darin pa October 23, 2007
Kind of like pee you; used to describe something or somebody that reeks
He doesn't use toliet paper! Pyew! That mofo really stinks!
by Telephony February 13, 2012
the sound that usually accompanies or represents ejaculatory success.
she was rubbing it then....pyew.
by Andy Kampfullen October 11, 2009
Verb: To ejaculate semi-forcefully
Noun: A semi-forceful ejaculation
"Dude, she was rubbing it then i had no choice but to pyew. "

"I saw her and then. . . pyew pyew."
by Andy Kampfullen October 01, 2009

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