a nerdish powergasm, typically after discovering some new all-powerful combination or build.
GM- dude, a red great wyrm with all the metabreath feats and knows invisibility and greater invisibility along with all the summon monster spells!
GM- I know. I'm getting a pwner already.
#nerdish #gaming #combo #combination #build #powergasm
by Spaz De Kat March 22, 2010
the thrilled expeirience of pwning something or someone on a violent video game.
guy 1- dude did you see that headshot!
Guy 2-yeah what a pwner i still can't get over it.
guy1-damn straight i gotta do that again.
#pwn #pwned #pwning #headshot #video game
by supamon December 02, 2009
someone that pwns, and practices pwning.
Ramon totally pwned that n00b last night, it was so awesome! He's an pwner!
#pwn #pwning #pwner #pwners #pwned
by MarcoZ March 06, 2009
The infinitive form of the word pwn. Pronounced like the spanish word "poner".
Yo tengo que pwner unos noobs.

Me gusta mucho pwner los niñitos.
#pwn #pwner #poner #pon #own #owner #pwnor penis
by Gus :D December 15, 2009
a fully erect penis that is a direct result of doing well or "pwning" in a shooting game. It is from of an inferiority complex in which a psychological trigger is such that the virtual acts of handling a gun and shooting translate directly as a faux-penis. The disorder mostly effects "under-developed" males, whose latent insecurity often manifests itself during such bouts of "masculine dominance". Believed to be homoerotic in nature, groups of pwner "enthusiasts" have become popular in instant gratification games that allow players to kill quickly and often. The largest population of men who suffer from this condition are members of the Modern Warfare 2 communities. If left untreated "pwner syndrome" can develop into UPW (Uncontrollable Penis Waggle).
dual wielding model 1887 shotguns...ZOMG PWNER!
#pwn #own #dominate #boner #video games
by Snack_Cake July 06, 2010
Being eroused when beating someone terrible at something.
Tim: "Hey how was twister?"
Bill: "Great, I got a PWNER."
#pwner #pwn #own #noob #noobige
by MrKonaHi November 04, 2010
The act of receiving a gamer's orgy; Usually resulting in owning or pwning.
1.)Kyle had an overkill. His pwner was growing.

2.)BOOM HEADSHOT. I got a pwner... No man, you can't touch it.
#poner #pwn #pone #own #ownage
by Joey P. December 28, 2007
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