A series of events that involves the act of doing/receiving (depending on the indivdual's status in situation) any certain amount of ownage (or 'pwnage')
An example of receiving 'pwnage': A guy in a wheelchair falls off a building into an ocean and gets eaten by a shark.

An example of pwning someone: One throw a set of large scissors into his friend/room-mate's arm, causing him to die of suffocation due to loss of blood
by Nik and Mauricio May 07, 2007
the act of doing amazing In a game or life-derived from the 1337 word "pwn" it was originally a misspelling. And to all of the noobs out there- its still pronounced "owned"!
Guy 1: Dude, you just got owned. Guy 2: Damn, you got a headshot on me!

Guy1 is pwnage.
by 0nhfkil January 25, 2008
pwnage does mean pure ownage


the word "pwn" comes from starcraft when blizzard decided that the word "own" was to much for their players so they put a profanity filter on the game which made players say "pwn" instead.
"gg no re k thx... pwned"

"i 0wn u cuz i am teh 1337z0rs. pwnage."
by camerony October 02, 2006
This term means perfect ownage, or pwnage. Used when dominating someone.
That was pwnage.
You just got pwned.
by Patrick J. February 13, 2004
the destruction or beating of another. the noun version of PWned.
"You gave out some PWnage back there" or
"That was utter PWnage"
by !!!!!!!!!!!J0rDaN!!!!!!!!!!! August 16, 2007
Used usualy in online games (or to take the piss on pictures) Pwnage is when someone is attacked with no hope of winning. Usualy someone with a lot of skill attackes a newbie or someone less skilled. Another spin off of pwned but usualy used for situation when overkill is involved. IE and air strike on one person.
In terms of eve online. One person is jumped on by a fleet and is pwned with no hope of surviving. IE pwnage
by Matt_t August 22, 2006
Pwnage is used to decribe superiority over someone or something, usually used in internet gaming.

Pwnage is from the root "word" pwn, originated when the map designer of Warcraft was spectating a match. The player lost to a computer character, so the map designer tried to type, "You got owned," but mistyped it, saying instead, "You got pwned." In other words, the word originated from a complete and total typo.
(After killing something in games without trying) PWNAGE

(After getting killed) That was pwnage.

by Seiichiro Watari April 12, 2006
To totally pwn, or be better than, someone.
Total pwnage dude, because I pwn j00!
by oJf March 10, 2005
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