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1. (n) the state of being "owned," i.e. having been completely put to shame or broken by someone or something.
2. (n) an object that is greatly superior to any other object of its type.
"Oh man, John just fell on his ass. Pwn4g3!!"

"Wow, this ice cream is pure pwn4g3."
by Matthew Muscari December 08, 2003
More Ownage than you ever thought possible
The Pwn4g3 was so extreme that even the pope was shocked.
by Boris September 25, 2004
past tense form of pwn3d.

to be "player-owned", "bitched", owned, or boozled(see boozle).
damn nigga that was some PWN4G3
by shitcock January 11, 2005
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