"Owned" misspelled.
1. Being owned.
2. The act of having owned someone else.
Dude, you're getting PWN3D!!11!!!
by Bill August 19, 2003
being owned
j00 r pwn3d
by 10rd d357r05 August 29, 2002
Getting your ass killed (pwn3d) in video games.
Dude I so pwn3d you, just face the fact that you suck, godamn n00b.
by Doh Nuts 13 September 14, 2004
getting owned badly and misspelling it w00t
You got pwn3d by the tubgirl poster in the bathroom!
by w00ters! September 29, 2003
pwn3d. It is also Pwned best described as "I'm a hacker" Pwned would mean your a skilled Person. pwn3d would be more offensive..

Reversing this insult means I'm all Skill
Joe was killed by Steve
Steve: Haha n00b I pwn3d u cuz i 1337 rx0rz

Steve was killed by Joe
Joe: h4h4 i 1337 i pwn3d j00 n00b
by lol! January 25, 2005
lossing so badly you becomes someones slave
You suck at that video
Suck like you momma! pWn3d!!!!!!!
by w00t September 29, 2003

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