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bb gun: A type of gun that shoots bbs and/or pellets. It is not a firearm but it can be as fast as 1000 FPS. bb guns are commonly used for competition and target shooting. Lots of teenagers think they look cool by shooting it because some look like real guns. They use it to shoot windows and other peoples property just to be ass holes. If you get one threat it like a real gun. Be safe.
My brother and i both got bb guns to target shoot.
by sniper21 June 11, 2010
A person who is new to a place or game. It is commonly used on ROBLOX, a popular online game. the meaning of the word is changing. people are seying that noobs are people that mess up games.
Lets go on roblox and kill noob and guests.
by sniper21 June 08, 2010
pwn3d: its owned spelled wrong in by someone warcraft. ever since people started using it in online games like roblox.
it is part of the online language.
iz pwn3d dat n00b soo hard.
by sniper21 August 13, 2010
DEFINITION 1. A person who is greatly hated, mean or dumb.

how to say: say ASS then HAT! if you read this you are ass hat DEFINITION 1

DEFINITION 2. when a person uses ones ass as a hat and sometimes their own ass.
D1. My ass hat friend went to Virginia.

D2. don't use my ass as a ass hat sir!

ass hat: stupid,idiot,hated,dumb,ignorant
by sniper21 June 03, 2010
The state name of the worst state (Virginia). Also a brewing company.
<d1: I am going to that piese of crap Old Dominion state.

<d2: Im geting a cold Old Dominion beer.
by sniper21 June 06, 2010

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