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An ASCII Kitty.
Typically used by guys in email headers or elsewhere to let recipients know he is pwning them out with yet another email about his cat that still needs a 'good home' because his new girlfriend is allergic to cats, he is moving in with her, and he prefers her pussy to the 4-legged one.
>^..^< wonderful cat *still* in need of a good home >^..^<
by dave_card November 23, 2008
Past tense of the state of being pwn3d. An extreme case of being pwn3d that has passed. Utter pwnage that has consumed a person.
I just got pwn3d-out by the IRS.
"What happened? are you pwn3d-out?" "Yeah,
I'm fucking pwn3d-the-fuck-out."
by dave_card November 23, 2008
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