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noun: a bold faced lie so audaciously transparent that it defies all conceivable logic. A lie ardently defended even when the liar knows that the person being told the lie knows it's a lie and that that person knows that he knows. Derived from the wildly bizarre claims and assertions of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in regards to nearly any situation.
Joe: I finally broke up with Sue. I caught her cheating red-handed finally.
Tom: I thought she knew that you knew.
Joe: She did. I told her. She still said she wasn't cheating but she knew that i didn't believe her. And she even KNEW that I KNEW.
Tom: Wow. That girl is just one putinism after the next.
by Jonny Habenero August 18, 2008
A lie, so bold in nature and so obvious, it defies logic as to why it was told. A lie so huge and so transparent, not only does the one being told know it is a lie, but the liar knows it. And the person being told the lie knows the liar knows he/she knows and so on ad infinum. Based on the name Vladimir Putin, prime minister of Russia, in regards to his ability to purposely misspeak.
Tom: Joe, are you gay?
Joe: No, I'm not gay.
Tom: Dude, you're 35 years old, never had a girlfriend and last night I saw you French kissing a guy at the theater. You're gay.
Joe: Dude, I am NOT gay!
Tom: You're sucking my dick, dude. You're GAY.
Joe: Am not.
Tom: You're just one big putinism, aren't you?
by Jonny Habenero August 23, 2008
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