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1) To make a claim to be under sniper fire in a hostile environment.
2) To try to cover your ass when someone calls you out on your bullshit.
guy: once I saw Jimi Hendrix live
girl: Jimi Hendrix died in 1970. You were born in the 80's.
guy: wait...I didn't mean to misspeak
by metalliska March 27, 2008
A psychological condition where you are convinced snipers are firing at you.
Hillary was suffering from a strong bout of Mis-Speak.
by Chaz Wozza April 28, 2008
To lie. To tell an untruth.
I have written about this and described in many different settings and I did misspeak the other day
1.To Say without thought, to mistakenly say.
2.Mistakenly saying something is misspeaking
"How dare you misspeak of me"
by Mr Afro March 26, 2008
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