1.) The word for "whore" in spanish.

2.) A girl/boy that "gets around" a lot.

3.) An awesome word used to describe skanky people.

4.) A word that is used to describe people epically fail.
1.) Boy: She has had so many boyfriends this year! What a Puta!

2.) Girl: That girl is a total puta. She slept with my girlfriend!

3.) Boy: Wow. That girl just epically failed!
by Dr. Douchebag Jr. November 07, 2010
It's means bitch in Spanish
Fucking Puta
by LolFaceChick December 18, 2015
Puta is often misunderstood as a curse word in Spanish and Filipino. This is not the case. Puta is used as an affectionate way of greeting someone or labeling one as "family" ( a friend you consider as family) or a friend you care for immensely.
Tom: "Dude, who was that guy you were with yesterday?"
Phil: " Jason? Nah, man. He's my puta, ya know?"
by winchester'slonglostsister February 10, 2015
spannish word for whore or to discribe something you dislike
that girl is a whore
esa chica es una puta

esos republicanos son unos hijos de puta
by palogrande August 12, 2014
definition of a whore, used in mexico as a common insult, or to say that someone is a bitch or a whore; look for pendeja too.
Eres una puta!
(you're a whore!)

Hey puta! como estas?
(hey pal! how r u?)

La tal María es una puta!
(Maria is a bitch!)
by Moniicold04 September 21, 2008
to put something some where
hey, puta cat outside.
by panwhich August 23, 2008
1) "Bitch" in Spanish. (pronounced 'poota')
2) Short term for computer. (pronounced 'pewta')
1) "Yo tengo grande cojones, puta."
2) "Wanna go play on the puta?"
by Soiled Undergarment August 21, 2003

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