'prostitute' or 'whore' in spanish.
Also commonly used as 'bitch'.
'es una puta'
she's a prostitute/whore/bitch/slut
by 3'buenos'14's December 26, 2009
definition of a whore, used in mexico as a common insult, or to say that someone is a bitch or a whore; look for pendeja too.
Eres una puta!
(you're a whore!)

Hey puta! como estas?
(hey pal! how r u?)

La tal María es una puta!
(Maria is a bitch!)
by Moniicold04 September 21, 2008
to put something some where
hey, puta cat outside.
by panwhich August 23, 2008
1) "Bitch" in Spanish. (pronounced 'poota')
2) Short term for computer. (pronounced 'pewta')
1) "Yo tengo grande cojones, puta."
2) "Wanna go play on the puta?"
by Soiled Undergarment August 21, 2003
Spanish For Whore, Hoe, Prostitute.
Oye Puta!

English for : Hey Hoe!
by Agent Urban November 17, 2007
Used like Bitch, Fuck, or Whore in Spanish. Pronounced and used differiantly in different places.
"Jodeinda puta" - fucking bitch
"por la puta madre" - mother fucker
by mateo chavez August 05, 2007
female hooker
by Mitch October 23, 2003

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