1) "Bitch" in Spanish. (pronounced 'poota')
2) Short term for computer. (pronounced 'pewta')
1) "Yo tengo grande cojones, puta."
2) "Wanna go play on the puta?"
by Soiled Undergarment August 21, 2003
Used like Bitch, Fuck, or Whore in Spanish. Pronounced and used differiantly in different places.
"Jodeinda puta" - fucking bitch
"por la puta madre" - mother fucker
by mateo chavez August 05, 2007
Slut, Whore, Easily seduced. Drunk woman at bar. Flirtatious woman. A female that sleeps around on her husband/ boyfriend. Likes to have lots of sex with different guys. Easy to bed.
Me voy a echar a esa puta. Me gusta es putita. Me gusta conocer putas en los clubs.
by MariaAntonia July 13, 2006
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