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1. Clayton Tom
2. Andrew Vega is a whore with an icy black heart of death
1. "Clayton Tom is the very definition of a puta."
2. "I'm pretty sure 'Putas' means 'Andrew Vega is a whore with an icy black heart of death.' I just looked it up...fucker"
by Bethany Porter January 25, 2007
78 75
A beverage containing the mixture of Panda cum and Tobasco sauce, with a zest of soggy squid nipples. The consistency of this drink is usually debated between muddy concrete or aged duck butter.
Check out GNC's new PUTUM shake for only $69.00!!!
by The Thespian Man May 07, 2013
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Spanish for whore.
"Esa puta tiene mi dinero"

"Tu madre es una puta fea"
by Jimmy January 05, 2005
23 21
1.bitch or slut
2.Filipino word for bitch or slut
Girl 1: i saw katy with jake!
girl 2: Puta! i hate her..
by jdeveza November 14, 2010
2 1
1.) The word for "whore" in spanish.

2.) A girl/boy that "gets around" a lot.

3.) An awesome word used to describe skanky people.

4.) A word that is used to describe people epically fail.
1.) Boy: She has had so many boyfriends this year! What a Puta!

2.) Girl: That girl is a total puta. She slept with my girlfriend!

3.) Boy: Wow. That girl just epically failed!
by Dr. Douchebag Jr. November 07, 2010
4 3
A GIRL who sleeps and have sex with anyone and anywhere. Spanish word used to critically attack females...there's nothing worst you can use to disturb a woman's image but this word!
this puta sleeps even with her father!

I met a puta last weekend she danced for me and I gave her one coin as a reward.
by dannni1000 April 14, 2010
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'prostitute' or 'whore' in spanish.
Also commonly used as 'bitch'.
'es una puta'
she's a prostitute/whore/bitch/slut
by 3'buenos'14's December 26, 2009
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